First Educational Blog Post

Birth to PreK:

  1.   Confessions of a Homeschooler-
  • This is a website that a mother who homeschools uses to share her ideas and materials.  She shares them all under her PreK curriculum.  She has a letter of the week area with enough materials for a whole week per letter.  I have used this in my classroom and love it!  She provides a variety of fine motor, reading and even math materials for each letter.  It is helpful to have them in color and just print the materials and place them at the centers in your classrooms.  A lot of times teachers looks for blogs to help them out with the full work load of finding things to keep their students busy.
  • Sample Lesson plan- these are included in her Preschool letter of the week packet.  It has a Monday through Friday group lesson planned as well as various other activities for each day.  This is very helpful , but I feel that it would be nice if they were tied to some sort of content standards.  There is not even a link to the state standards on the website and I feel that there should always be a link with sample lesson plans.
  1.   Teach Preschool:
  • This website is bar far the best website for a preschool teacher.  She includes activities with pictures, lists of simple songs and books, creative art and play ideas.
  • This area of her blog has different things and ideas of what to include in a preschool classroom.  I think this is very helpful because she starts at the very beginning.  At the bottom she also has articles that she has written, like How to Pick your child’s preschool.  I think this appeals to the parents and the teachers.  It also lets preschool teachers know what parents are looking for, which will help them figure out what to include in their classroom.
  • This is all about art for a preschool classroom.  I love this section because it is not just color, cut and paste.  It is a lot of true preschool creations using different materials, such as skittle painting and painting with everything except a paintbrush.  This is very geared towards what preschools need developmentally and they are motivating ideas.



  1.    Carl’s Corner:
  • Great place for resources.  The way the blog is organized through a Directory on the home page.  From there you can find TONS of resources that the creator of the website has made.  She has made a lot of simple sight word readers and has them organized based on themes such as family and friends, school days and holidays.  She has also has books with activities to use that go along with the book.  She has them organized by poetry, rhyming, phonics, etc.  If you are looking for any type of specific reading activity or extra books she will have them!
  • She also includes books and resources on this website to supplement Houghton Mifflin readers.  This is helpful for a teacher who uses those reading programs and need extra books/materials to supplement their students.  This is especially for students who are ELL or special needs because it provides them with more resources than the packaged program has.  I like how she also has suggestions and books for struggling readers in the classroom.
  • This section of the blog is called Parent’s Place.  In this area she took time to create how parents are able to help out their children at home.  I like this idea because it is great for teachers to suggest their parents visit the website for great ideas.
  1.   Kelly’s Kindergarten:
  • This section of the website has organizational tools such as book labels, center signs and large class schedule cards.  These are helpful for other teachers to print off and use in their classroom, which saves them time.  I do like and find helpful some of her tricks such as using the film container for lunch money.  I think more tips and tricks might be helpful though.
  • In this section of her website she includes behavior management tips and charts she has created and found successful.  I think this is my favorite part of her website because they are things that she has tried and found work in her classroom.  It is always nice to know that the ideas have been tried and not just created.